The Journey So Far…Day 1 Tuesday 16 May, 2006

It seems like Aaron has had a flu hanging on for 3 or 4 weeks. Nothing that couldn’t be ignored. Tired, run-down, aching joints. Missed a couple days of work. But today, he is getting some bad headaches, dizziness, a little shortness of breath, and fever It’s enough worse enough that maybe a trip to the doctor this morning seems in order. Doctor looks him over, takes a blood sample, thinks maybe it’s an infection. Aaron goes home with antibiotics. Doctor will call when blood sample tests come in.
By late evening, Aaron is definitely not feeling well, and notices small red spots on his skin [and has a very difficult time breathing]. Natalie Googles the symptoms, and comes up with a couple matches: XXX and Leukemia. Of course, this can’t possibly be, but she convinces Aaron to go to the ER at Ojai Community hospital. She calls Grandma Boydston a little before midnight and Anne makes the 5 minute drive to Summer and Signal. to watch Christopher and Michaela while she takes him. Anne calls Grandpa B as he is leaving work in Santa Barbara, just starting the one-hour commute to Ojai, to let him know she won’t be home.

Author: a. c. boydston

Aaron is Alive!

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