Cancer Battle


This replication of my original hospital blog is dedicated to my dad, Ken Boydston. Because of his diligent journaling, I have a written record of the events that I have little to no recollection of—specifically, and especially, the days in the ICU. It was his diligent posting, early on, that set the pace for continued, regular, updates, when Natalie, my Mom, and I took over the task of blogging.

Also a special thanks to Nathan Stryker who administrated the entire original blog.

This replication is simply all the Hospital Blog posts in chronological order and divided into four sections. With very few exceptions, all the posts are exactly as they were when originally posted, with spelling mistakes and all.  My reason for doing this is I feel it preserves a certain character of the posts. Consider the mistakes you find a representation of us being in the midst of an intense struggle. Any edits or notes I did make are in brackets [like this!].

“To Live is Christ,”

Aaron C. Boydston

“The 1040 Window”
Aaron Boydston’s Hospital Blog

Chapter 1: The Initial Trauma
May 16, 2006 – July 3, 2006

Chapter 2: “Regular” Chemotherapy
July 4, 2006 – January 27, 2007

Chapter 3: Relapse
January 28, 2007 – April 10, 2007

Chapter 4: The Final Battle
April 11, 2007 – June 20, 2007

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