Thank You! (by Natalie)

Everytime I think about what everyone is doing for us I am completely overwhelmed. I greatly appreciate everyone who is praying. It is a great comfort to know that so many are turning their eyes upon Jesus and trusting Him with Aaron’s health. I appreciate everyone who keeps up with what is going on with Aaron by being a part of this blog. I am grateful for everyone who drives all the way out here to visit even though it is a long drive and the traffic can be frustrating. Each visitor has been a great encouragement to us. Thank you so much to those of you who have donated platelets–what an incredible thing to do! So many of you have sent cards, called on the phone, brought snacks/dinner, donated money and offered help. There is also an enormous amount of people doing HUGE, specific things that are unbelievably generous. In fact, I know that we are not even aware of everyone who is helping us out or things that are being done. From the entire Boydston Family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is so wonderful to tell Aaron, in his half awake state, that he doesn’t need to worry about anything–there are so many people helping to take care of all the details. We have truly been blessed by God to have each of you as friends and family.

Above all, I would like to publicly give thanks to God for all He is doing in our lives and your lives, as well. He has proved Himself worthy of our trust. My faith and reliance on Him has been strengthened in this trial. I continue to see His hand in this entire situation and I know He is controlling everything. This week I am especially thankful that God has protected Aaron’s brain. You know, for a couple of days there, the doctors were suggesting that the stuff they found from the CT scans and MRI could be lymphoma. We were praising God big time this week when we found out it was only minor bleeding.

So, I’ll close with another huge THANK YOU for all that you are doing and continuing to do. Don’t forget to keep praying for Aaron! 🙂

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Aaron is Alive!

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