Day 70 – Day 71 Saturday, 22 July through Sunday, 23 July, 2006

The breeze off Lake Casitas transformed Saturday’s swelter from unbearable to just plain hot and at times almost pleasant. Hundreds braved the heat for lemonade, tri-tip, lemonade, raffles, lemonade, music, lemonade, auction, lemonade, body art, lemonade, jewelry making, lemonade, sharing, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, ice tea, water and sno-cones.

Events are curious affairs. They are ephemeral societies that form, evolve, engage, and evaporate. Whether the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg in 1863, the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom a hundred years later, Christopher’s butterfly party last year, or the fundraiser for Aaron on Saturday, the event is a fleeting moment birthed of protracted preparation.

The effortless ease with the temporary encampment of awnings, amplifiers, stage, firepits, galley, jolly jump, chairs, tables, booths, latrines, activities, and ice chests, grew on the grassy shores of Lake Casitas testified to the considerable planning and preparation that grew Pastor Lyn’s germ of an idea into the event for Aaron that it became. Churches, businesses, organizations and individuals in Ojai (and beyond…word leaked out) contributed time, materials, and money to make this event one that will live in memory well beyond its fleeting moment in history.

The music and speaking on the stage had difficulty competing with the food and fellowship being consumed by company in the shade. There were two exceptions, which hushed all present: The announcement of raffle winners, and Aaron, as he without assistance took the stage and stood to give thanks and to testify…..”For me, to live is Christ…”

Author: a. c. boydston

Aaron is Alive!

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