Day 49 Monday, 3 July, 2006

Independence Day comes a day early!

Aaron has progressed to the point where he does not need to occupy a hospital bed.

He is evicted from room 1041 to take up residence in room 214 of the Tiverton House across the street from the Medical Center. The Tiverton House is something of a hotel for patient families and a half-way house for a patients whose status is “out”, but who are not quite ready to travel to distant homes. Room 214 has been crash pad for Natalie, pit stop for visitors, and home-away-from-home to Michaela, Christopher, and Grandma Metz for a good bit of the last 7 weeks.

The oozing from the surgery incision has stopped. Aaron feels inexplicably cold, but seems otherwise fine. He is starting to find his way around a keyboard again (yesterday he transferred his contact list from his old Treo (whose keyboard ceased working for Natalie while Aaron was hallucinating along through his parallel universe in the ICU) to its new replacement.

For 7 weeks, dramatic and sometimes life threatening change has been a daily, and often hourly, hallmark. The pace of change for now is slowing. For the next couple weeks, as Aaron gains strength for the coming battle, we will attempt to catch up on some of the exigencies of life that have been left undone. For the next couple weeks, updates to this journal are likely be more weekly than daily.

Author: a. c. boydston

Aaron is Alive!

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